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Apple revealed the data on the movement of Ukrainians during the pandemic

18.04.2020 0 Comments

Apple revealed the data on the movement of Ukrainians during the pandemic


Apple has opened access to anonymous data on the use of the Apple Maps service during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The Mobility Trends Reports special page contains statistics (updated daily) for 63 countries, including Ukraine. Appropriate graphs allow you to evaluate how the behavior of people who actively use Apple Maps has changed after the introduction of severe restrictions due to coronavirus.

Apple Maps User Mobility Data


According to data on April 14, Ukrainians began to walk 52% less often than a month ago, and car trips decreased by 34%. As you can see in the chart above, the decrease in mobility began in the second week of March (just the first restrictions were introduced on March 11) and reached a minimum at the end of March. Recall that on March 25, the Cabinet of Ministers declared a state of emergency throughout the country and extended the quarantine until April 24. What is interesting after the recent tightening of quarantine, if you focus on the schedule, the Ukrainians began to move even a little more (what kind of quarantine is there when Easter is approaching). overlaid data for all countries on one common schedule, highlighting Ukraine and several more countries. More precisely, the source made three separate schedules for three ways of moving: on foot, by personal car, and by public transport.


Regardless of the country, a sharp collapse is observed after the introduction of restrictions, which is logical. A comparative analysis also shows that Ukrainians are not particularly at home compared to residents of other countries. On foot, Ukraine is at the level of South Korea, which, as you know, effectively and quickly “extinguished” the outbreak, taking control of the spread of infection. At the same time, driving with personal cars is still worse. Alas, there are no data on public transport movements for Ukraine.

It is understood that Apple statistics cover only a small part of the population. In addition, the competing Google Maps service is much more popular, including among Apple device owners. So to fully assess the situation, these data do not allow. On the other hand, today there is neither statistics nor a way to fully assess compliance with quarantine. And taking into account our realities, we just need a timetable for moving around the churches in order to state the deplorable situation. So there is nothing left but to collect information bit by bit. Just the other day, monobank shared data on its customers.

Earlier this month, Google published similar statistics, but the data for Ukraine was not in the report. Data for other countries can be found on the corresponding page of COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports.

Recall that last week Google and Apple announced a partnership in the development of technology for tracking the contacts of patients with COVID-19.

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