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Apple selects one of the oldest domains

16.12.2019 0 Comments

Apple selects one of the oldest domains


About Apple’s cruel decision and move.

Regular readers of our site may have noticed that we have moved. A couple of weeks ago,, which has been helping iPhone and other Apple devices with any questions for over ten years, became Because of what it happened and what future awaits the site? They talked about everything in detail.


Apple selects one of the oldest domains

What happened

Apple decided to take away our domain.

On October 29, 2019, Apple sent an official certified claim “On Intellectual Property Infringement on the Website” (link to documents) to our hosting provider “Selectel”. From the letter it immediately became clear that this was not a joke. The claim was sent directly from the American office of Apple and duplicated by Russian representatives of the company.

Apple selects one of the oldest domains

That same sudden claim

How is this possible?

The fact is that the domain name of our site contains two trademarks “Apple” and “iPhone”, which belong to the American corporation. It was because of the "illegal use of the trademark" that Apple demanded a domain lock.

Apple selects one of the oldest domains

Of course, we did not wait for the domain and site to be completely blocked, hastening to quickly move to another domain to save the user base. So was born.

For 12 years the domain has not been selected, but then suddenly decided! What is this because of?

The site has been around for 12 years and is considered to be one of the oldest resources for fans of Apple technology. Initially, the site had only a forum. On it, we helped a huge number of iPhone and other gadget users with solving their problems. Only one “automatic” iPhone troubleshooting FAQ has helped tens of thousands of iPhone owners.

Initially, our forum actually did the work of Apple. The company began to support its Russian customers only a couple of years after the opening of the forum. All this time, iPhone owners dealt with their many problems on the forum. Interestingly, official support for Apple has not reached to other CIS countries except Armenia.

After the forum, the main page of the site supplemented with news, articles, reviews and, of course, instructions. The site has hundreds of useful instructions on various topics, united by one goal – to help users.

All this time, has been quietly working and developing, despite Apple’s copyright infringement. Why did the company so suddenly need our domain? Representatives of Apple do not name the exact reason. There are two most likely versions:

Apple intends to use the domain for its needs in the future. Someone specifically directed a complaint to our site at Apple asking them to sort it out.

In any case, the domain has ceased to be safe to use. Therefore, we moved, thereby starting a new chapter.

What will happen now has become a website.

Along with the change of name, the site expects:

Change of design. Do not worry, the redesign will be smooth and painless. It will become more pleasant to look at the site, and it will be more convenient to find useful content. Increased activity. We will create even more interesting content and, of course, instructions. Coverage of new topics. As before, the site will quickly publish all the latest news from the world of Apple and instructions for the iPhone. But along with this, we will be much more likely to write on other topics that interest our readers most of all.

Thanks to everyone who is with us

This publication has two goals. Firstly, we told you what is happening, why the site changed its name and what the future holds for it.

Secondly, and most importantly, we want to thank all our readers. Thank you for reading us, go to the site and our social networks and leave comments!

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