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Apple showed 4 videos that cause “trembling in the body”

12.08.2019 0 Comments

Apple showed 4 videos that cause “trembling in the body”


On the Apple Youtube channel, 4 new videos in ASMR format appeared.

Employees from Apple uploaded a video to the network in which they showed what their camcorders are capable of. We are talking about a fresh video format with ASMR technology, which is a modern trend in the social sphere.


Apple showed 4 videos that cause “trembling in the body”

In total, the corporation presented four videos, each of which lasts from 6 to 10 minutes. This content is intended to cause the viewer an “autonomous sensory meridional reaction”, which will manifest itself in the form of peculiar sensations (tingling in the back of the head, goosebumps and the like).

In one video, a female voice-overs in a whisper talks about the mystical "ghostly forest." The second video is dedicated to the man in the workshop, who gradually creates a masterpiece from an ordinary piece of wood. The third video shows a male tourist wandering through difficult terrain, and the last video depicts rain in different conditions.

These videos are posted on the official Apple channel on Youtube video hosting under the general heading “ASMR Season 1”, which means that soon there will be more such content. When browsing, the authors recommend that users use headphones, rather than speakers, for maximum effect.

This is currently the strangest video format Apple has ever made. All videos are recorded on the iPhone using additional audio equipment. This creates an amazing effect that, so to speak, causes trembling throughout the body.


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