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Apple strongly recommends that owners of Pro Display XDR monitors with special glass nanotexture use only a branded cloth

12.12.2019 0 Comments

Apple strongly recommends that owners of Pro Display XDR monitors with special glass nanotexture use only a branded cloth


Yesterday, Apple began taking pre-orders for the new Mac Pro, which, depending on the configuration, costs from $ 5,999 to $ 52,599. For this monstrous PC, Apple, as you know, offers wheels instead of legs for $ 400 a professional Pro Display XDR monitor with a Retina 6K diagonal display 32 inches, which in the US costs $ 4,999 for the version with standard glass and $ 5,999 for the option with a special frosted glass coating (Nano-texture glass). So there is one important point that you need to consider for those who are looking at the more expensive version, which stands out for its lower reflectivity. And it's not about the notorious Pro Stand stand for $ 1000.

If you look at the support page on the Apple website, which published recommendations on caring for a Pro Display XDR display with anti-reflective coating, you can come across very interesting information. More specifically, you can wipe the screen from dust only with a “dry polishing cloth” that comes with the display. It is not recommended to use normal water, a regular microfiber cloth or any other means for cleaning. That is, yes, you can’t just take a regular cloth and wipe the Pro Display XDR screen from dust – you need a special cloth. It is noteworthy that Apple puts it in the kit, and does not offer to buy separately on the site for a conditional $ 100.


Apple does not explain why owners of Pro Display XDR with special glass nanotexture should use a special cloth to clean the screen, but this is probably due to the coating. Nano-texture glass is the advertising name for proprietary technology. Apple claims that the nanotexture is “engraved at the nanoscale” to provide high image contrast despite the matte surface of the screen. Apparently, the coating is so delicate that you can wipe the glass only with a special cloth.

Yes, in case of loss, you will not be able to buy this branded napkin on Amazon or in the Apple Store. You will need to contact Apple support and order a new one to replace the lost one, or work for a dirty monitor. How much it will cost is still unknown.

Interestingly, Apple also provided specific instructions on how to clean the polishing cloth itself: wash it manually with dishwashing detergent and water, rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry for at least 24 hours. Given how serious everything is with the coating, it’s even a little strange that Apple did not indicate a specific detergent for washing the napkins.

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