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Apple uses solar energy to the maximum

01.08.2019 0 Comments

Apple uses solar energy to the maximumApple uses solar energy to the maximum

SEIA specialists are surprised by such indicators, since earlier – and the use of solar energy has been monitored over the past 7 years – the technology company has never occupied a leading position in the "solar" list. Google, by comparison, takes only 6th place with 142.9 MW.


Taking into account all the capacities, both local and remote, Apple showed a result of 393 MW of solar energy. No one has great indicators. Amazon has “only” 329.8 MW, while Target has 242.4 MW.

Last year, Apple announced that all its offices, shops, factories and data centers now operate on 100% renewable energy sources. Apple Park, the current headquarters of the company, for example, receives energy from a giant solar panel installed on the roof, with a capacity of 17 MW. Biofuels and other clean energy sources are also used.

Source: MacRumors

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