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Apple Watch equipped with three new features

04.09.2019 0 Comments

Apple Watch equipped with three new features


Apple has registered patents for new features for smart watches.

New versions of Apple Watch will become even more functional and secure. Apple has registered an analogue of Touch ID, which reads the textured pattern of the skin of the wrist, as well as a self-tightening strap and new event indicators. Corresponding patents were posted in a public database on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Apple watch

New notification indicator. The device will be equipped with several indicator lights that will be built into the strap. This will allow you to quickly find out, for example, the number of remaining repetitions of the exercise. Apple is also reporting privacy benefits. New indicators can be configured individually, which eliminates the reading of personal information from the watch display by people nearby.

Biometric sensor. A sensor that works in a manner similar to Touch ID will be built into the device’s strap. He will read several indicators at the same time – hair and heat patterns, as well as skin texture. Apple Watch will be able to identify its owner as soon as he puts them on his wrist.

Apple patent for skin sensor

Self-tightening strap. Smart watches will be equipped with an automatic control system for the tension level of the strap. Now they will not hang on the wrist during active training, and also will never slip from it.

In conclusion, recall that with the release of iOS 13, versions of the Apple Watch will be able to track sleep – its duration and depth.

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