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Apple will release four iPhone 12 at once

21.10.2019 0 Comments

Apple will release four iPhone 12 at once


This have not happened before.

Apple will release four flagship smartphones from the iPhone 12 line in 2020. The company will take this step because of increased demand for the iPhone 11. Thanks to this decision, Apple will significantly improve its position in the smartphone market. This was announced today by well-known analyst at research company Wedbush Dan Ives.


iPhone 12 will be released in four versions at once

Four new iPhone 12s at once

According to Ives, in 2020, Apple will release five new smartphones. Along with four configurations of the flagship iPhone 12 will be released budget by the standards of the iPhone SE 2.

Each flagship iPhone will support 5G and have a ToF camera (Time of Flight) for advanced features in augmented reality. In addition, an additional camera will allow the new iPhone to recognize various gestures, similar to the recently released Google Pixel 4.

What specific configurations of the flagship iPhone Apple will release in 2020 is unknown. Earlier, authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo announced plans to release only three new smartphones.

In more detail about the upcoming updates with the most likely names of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, we talked about in this article.

Source: 91mobiles.

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