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Apple will release inexpensive Apple Watch SE

23.08.2020 0 Comments

Apple will release inexpensive Apple Watch SE


Pair with the iPhone SE.

Apple will release a less expensive smartwatch Apple Watch SE, said insider Komija_kj. According to him, the new product will be presented by Apple in March 2021.


The new Apple Watch SE will receive the old design of the Apple Watch Series 3. The watch screen will be framed by fairly wide frames. Their reduction, as in Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5, will not occur.

Apple will lower the cost of the Apple Watch SE over conventional smartwatches in several ways. According to an insider, the company uses less expensive materials for the body of the device. It is reported that the case will be made of plastic, not metal.

At the same time, the characteristics of the Apple Watch SE will be at the level of modern smart watches. The device will receive a new Apple S6 processor with a chip for W5 wireless connections, a Bluetooth 5.0 module and 16 GB of internal memory. The insider also stressed that the Apple Watch SE will have an updated model of the Digital Crown wheel with tactile feedback.

Along with the launch of Apple Watch SE, Apple will stop selling Apple Watch Series 3. According to available information, the price of Apple Watch SE will be $ 199 (about 14 thousand rubles).

Source: Twitter.

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