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Apple will rush to launch iOS 13.5 due to a dangerous bug

20.05.2020 0 Comments

Apple will rush to launch iOS 13.5 due to a dangerous bug


We are waiting for the update soon.

Apple may release the final version of iOS 13.5 in the coming days. According to Forbes, citing company representatives, Apple is finalizing iOS 13.5 firmware, which will fix a dangerous vulnerability in the Mail application.


Apple will rush to launch iOS 13.5 due to a dangerous bug

A critical bug in the Mail application for iPhone was discovered by ZecOps specialists. According to them, the vulnerability exists in all versions of iOS, including the current build of iOS 13.4.1. The company emphasized that virtually all the iPhones ever released are vulnerable, the number of which at the end of 2019, according to official statistics, was 900 million.

Apple commented on the discovery of the vulnerability for Forbes. Company representatives said they were aware of a dangerous bug, as ZecOps warned Apple. The vulnerability will be fixed in the final version of iOS 13.5, which Apple promised to release soon.

The massive vulnerability in the iPhone has attracted representatives of the German authorities. The German Federal Information Security Administration (BSI) called the vulnerability extremely dangerous. Representatives of the department contacted Apple and asked the American company to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Currently, iOS 13.5 is in the testing phase. On May 6, Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 13.5.

Source: Forbes.

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