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Arrived. iOS 13.4.1 broke Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in some users

18.04.2020 0 Comments

Arrived. iOS 13.4.1 broke Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in some users



The latest update for the iPhone was not successful for everyone. According to user reviews, after installing iOS 13.4.1 on their iPhone, there were problems connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. At the same time, standard methods for solving such problems did not help to fix the problem.


Arrived. iOS 13.4.1 broke Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in some users

Installing iOS 13.4.1 led to problems with wireless connections on a number of different iPhone models. According to users on social networks, on the Reddit resource and the official Apple forum, iPhone may completely lose the ability to connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

When trying to connect to a Bluetooth device, such as AirPods, the iPhone freezes up. Connection to the device is not established regardless of the waiting time. Similar negative reviews are coming about connecting the iPhone to Wi-Fi networks.

Resetting the network or forcing a reboot does not help solve the problem, users note. If you return to iOS 13.4 firmware, the installation of which is still possible, then the difficulties with connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi disappear. Thus, rolling back to a previous version of iOS is currently the only way to solve the problem.

The problem manifested itself in a relatively small number of iPhone users. Nevertheless, reviews on social platforms were enough to attract the attention of popular foreign media.

Source: IC, Twitter.

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