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Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot – how to check for sure

24.11.2019 0 Comments

Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot - how to check for sure


Have you noticed that your battery is pretty exhausted? It's too early to panic!

After the scandal with the deliberate slowdown of the iPhone at the end of last year, Apple added a function to iOS that allows you to monitor the status of the battery. The function has been in beta for a long time, but has not been finalized to its ideal state. Battery information on the iPhone can be very underestimated. This article explained why this happens and how to accurately check the status of the iPhone battery.


Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot - how to check for sure

An independent study showed that the battery status statistics on the iPhone do not always show the correct data. The function can display a low indicator and, of course, confuse users.

For example, the actual remaining battery capacity of the iPhone may be 99%, but in the menu "Settings" → "Battery" → "Battery Status" indicates that the capacity is much lower. In some cases, the difference between the real indicator and what the standard iOS function shows may be more than 10%.

Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot - how to check for sure

Why is this happening? Experts do not know the specific reason, but suggest that the problem lies in the features of the function. It measures the state of the iPhone’s battery by relying on various data, including smartphone usage, last reboot date, etc. The battery status indicator of the iPhone is collected from the analysis of all the analyzed data, which leads to inaccuracies.

How to Accurately Measure iPhone Battery Status

Accurately measure the state of the iPhone battery using the standard iOS function is possible only after a complete reset of the smartphone. Create a fresh iPhone backup, reset it to the factory settings, and then restore to the backup. When the iPhone is reset, look at the battery status. With a high probability it will differ from previous measurements for the better.

Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot - how to check for sure

Many users have already tried measuring the state of the iPhone battery after a reset. One of the owners of the iPhone 7 Plus was worried that the remaining battery capacity on his smartphone began to be 94%. And this is provided that the iPhone has been in use for only 8 months. However, after a reset, the function showed the actual state of the battery – 99%.

In other words, if you notice that the state of the battery on your iPhone has greatly decreased, this is not a reason to start worrying. Remember that after resetting the iPhone, the operating system will show you the real state of the battery, which will be better than before.

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