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Beeline and Megafon launched eSIM

31.07.2020 0 Comments

Beeline and Megafon launched eSIM


So far only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Cellular operators "Beeline" and "Megafon" provided subscribers with the opportunity to connect a virtual SIM card (eSIM). The service was launched in pilot mode in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Owners of the latest models of iPhone and other smartphones with eSIM support have the opportunity to connect eSIM at Beeline offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Megafon subscribers can leave an application for eSIM connection at the operator's flagship store in Moscow.

From Monday, August 3, Megafon will be able to connect eSIM in the salons of the largest regions of Russia, the operator said. Participation in the eSIM pilot project will be possible only by contacting the sales office.

In the future, subscribers will be able to register eSIMs on the operators' website, through their mobile applications and on the State Services website.

Source: Vedomosti.

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