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Beware, branded 400-dollar Mac Pro wheels have no built-in locks

28.02.2020 0 Comments

Beware, branded 400-dollar Mac Pro wheels have no built-in locks


Apple is famous for its greed, although at times glimpses of generosity are observed. Suffice it to recall the branded wheels for $ 400 to a very expensive professional Mac Pro PC. By the way, about the wheels. The other day, the popular tech-blogger Marquez Brownley drew attention to the fact that Apple did not provide clamps to prevent accidental rotation and sliding.

The blogger published a short video that clearly demonstrates the danger of the lack of stoppers on wheels for Mac Pro. If the surface is not perfectly smooth, then the PC will roll towards this inconspicuous eye slope.


#protip don't get the wheels if you keep this thing on your desk. There's no locks.

– Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) February 26, 2020

The blogger strongly discourages the use of wheels when placing the PC on the desktop. You tell anyone who wants to change the wheel racks, which are designed specifically for conveniently moving a fairly heavy PC inside the room and put the Mac Pro on an elevated surface. But in life, as you know, sometimes very unexpected things happen and situations are different.

By the way, one of the subscribers proposed a solution quite in the spirit of Apple: special proprietary stop-locks that will prevent the PC from leaving the table.

. @ MKBHD One More Thing …

– ᴺᴼᵀ Jony Ive (@JonyIveParody) February 26, 2020


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