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Big redesign possible in iOS 14

27.10.2019 0 Comments

Big redesign possible in iOS 14


Look forward to.

Apple may complete a full redesign of the iOS operating system in 2020. According to the forecasts of experts of the authoritative publication Mashable, iOS 14 may get an updated look. The redesign will be associated with the release of the redesigned iPhone 12, which will usher in a new cycle of Apple smartphones.


Big redesign possible in iOS 14

What will be iOS 14

To date, there is a minimum of verified information about iOS 14. However, experts have high expectations regarding the update. The operating system may change dramatically with the launch of the iPhone 12 in a new design. The big iOS update will attract the closest attention of potential buyers to the new iPhone, experts say.

In 2019, Apple left Joni Ive, chief designer. The design of iOS and other software products Apple took up Alan Dai. It is possible that under his leadership, the iOS mobile operating system will begin to transform. The change in the head of software product design is called the second main reason why we should wait for the redesign of iOS 14.

In addition, the appearance of iOS has not seriously changed for a long time. The last time the operating system was radically redesigned in 2013. Skeuomorphism was rejected in iOS 7, which was then released, which completely changed the firmware design.

Probably something similar will happen in iOS 14. And what do you expect from the firmware?

Earlier, users told what they want to see in iOS 14.

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