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Black Friday: AirPods at the lowest price

01.12.2019 0 Comments

Black Friday: AirPods at the lowest price


The best Black Friday deals on AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro.

On November 29, the Black Friday grand sale takes place around the world, in which stores make the largest discounts of the year. In the past few years, Russian stores have also taken part in Black Friday, often with really big discounts. This article told you where to buy AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro on Black Friday the cheapest.


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Black Friday: AirPods 2 – the best price

Let's start with the lowest priced second-generation AirPods. Tmall marketplace dropped most of all on AirPods, where Apple sells its official equipment with a full Russian guarantee. Tmall sells AirPods 2 with a regular charging case at a price of 10,492 rubles. The model with a charging case with support for wireless charging fell in price to 12 742 rubles.

AirPods Pro AirPods Pro

Black Friday AirPods at the lowest price

Black Friday: AirPods – the best price without shipping

If you do not want to order headphones online, but prefer to go and buy, then you will be able to buy the second-generation AirPods with an ordinary charging case for 13,490 rubles. A model with a case with support for wireless charging has also fallen in price in official retail, up to 15,490 rubles.

Black Friday: AirPods at the lowest price

Black Friday: AirPods Pro

As for the new AirPods Pro, discounts for headphones released just a month ago have not yet appeared. You can buy AirPods Pro at an officially set price: 20,990 rubles.

Also, recently, in Russia, the acquisition of AirPods Pro in various colors is available. Earlier we did a detailed review of the painted AirPods Pro. They are wonderful!

What are the discounts for AirPods in the USA?

It's no secret that the biggest Black Friday discounts are in the United States, where did this sale come from, which is traditionally held the day after Thanksgiving. Many will be surprised, but in the US there are no gigantic discounts on AirPods. At BestBuy AirPods you can buy for standard $ 159.99, which at the current rate is 10,491 rubles. There are no discounts on new AirPods Pro.

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