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Bloomberg: Apple May Allow Gmail, Chrome, and Other Software to Choose Default iOS Apps

23.02.2020 0 Comments

Bloomberg: Apple May Allow Gmail, Chrome, and Other Software to Choose Default iOS Apps


Apple is considering allowing users to install third-party applications as the default browser and email client for iPhone and iPad.

It is also reported that the company is working to ensure that third-party music services, such as Spotify, can work directly on its smart HomePod column, eliminating the need for streaming from an Apple device via AirPlay. Although plans are still in the early stages of discussion, changes may appear as early as this year in iOS 14 and in the HomePod firmware update.


Information about possible changes to the default application policy for iOS coincided with the tightening of antitrust control over how Apple manages its platforms. Last year, there were reports that the EU was preparing to launch an antitrust investigation into Spotify’s complaint that Apple was unfairly pushing consumers to its own music streaming service. Meanwhile, in the US, Tile recently complained about an antitrust congressional hearing that Apple unfairly undermines potential rivals on its platform.

In addition to browsers and email clients, Bloomberg also announced last year that Apple was preparing to allow its voice assistant Siri to send messages through third-party messaging applications by default. This means that users would not have to specifically mention them in a voice command. Later, the company can extend this feature to phone calls.

Apple currently pre-installs around 38 iPhone and iPad apps. They can take significant advantage when installed on hundreds of millions of devices as default software. Apple previously stated that it included these applications in order to provide its users with an “excellent experience right after installation,” and added that its applications have “many successful competitors.”

Source: The Verge and Bloomberg


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