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Bloomberg: Apple will announce the transition to its own ARM processors in Mac computers instead of Intel CPUs already at this WWDC

10.06.2020 0 Comments

Bloomberg: Apple will announce the transition to its own ARM processors in Mac computers instead of Intel CPUs already at this WWDC


Apple intends to announce the transition to its own ARM processors in Mac computers as part of the upcoming WWDC Developer Conference, which opens June 22. Bloomberg editor Mark Gourman writes about this in a recent publication, referring to his own informants familiar with the company's plans.

The project, codenamed Kalamata, which we have already written about more than once, is expected to mark a new chapter in the history of the Mac line – since 2006, Apple has been using x86-compatible Intel processors in mobile and desktop PCs.


It’s worth mentioning that Apple will formally announce the transition at WWDC 2020, while the first Mac computers with ARM processors of their own design from the Cupertino giant will be released next year. It was said earlier that the announcement of the corresponding models will take place at the next WWDC conference.

As one of the main reasons that prompted Apple to take this step, sources call the stagnation in technological development, which Intel is now experiencing. In addition, in recent years, energy-efficient ARM processors, widely used in mobile devices, have not weakly increased their computing power, which expands the scope of their application. Nowadays, very few people are denying the potential of ARM chips to become worthy competitors for x86 in the mobile segment. It was said earlier that back in 2018, Apple developed a prototype SoC for a Mac computer based on the A12X Bionic SoC, and the results of the experiment pleased the Apple management so much that it did not hesitate to decide on switching to ARM chips, initially planning to release the first models in 2020 .

Bloomberg talked about the new Mac with ARM processors, which will be released in 2021. Apple is developing three variants of the 5-nanometer SoC A14, including a 12-core model

According to preliminary data, Apple is developing at least three SoCs, akin to the Apple A14. The latter is intended for the new iPhone 2020. There have also been rumors about the development of a single-chip system for Mac based on the SoC A15 (tentative name), which will be used in the iPhone 2021. In addition to the CPU computational cores (the first-born should be 12-core), the SoC will include a graphics core and a Neural Engine neural processor for machine learning tasks, like those of mobile counterparts.

Future SoCs designed for Mac computers will be released according to the 5 nm process technology at TSMC capacities. High-performance MacBooks (probably Air) and iMac all-in-ones are the first to switch to ARM chips, as it is not yet possible to achieve the same performance level as Intel's x86-compatible models used in MacBook Pro and Mac Pro.

Mac computers with ARM processors will not migrate to iOS, but will continue to use the macOS desktop OS similarly to how Always Connected PC class laptops on ARM processors use Windows 10.

Source: Bloomberg

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