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Bloomberg: Apple will integrate applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac by 2021

14.07.2019 0 Comments

Bloomberg: Apple will integrate applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac by 2021


According to Bloomberg, by 2021, Apple plans to combine applications for iOS and macOS. This will allow developers to create one application for all platforms that will work on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. According to rumors, the project is codenamed Marzipan (we first heard about it in 2017), it allows you to transfer applications from iOS to macOS. The results of his work were shown for the first time at last year’s WWDC conference, when adapted applications “Home”, “Promotions”, “News” and “Voice Recorder” were added to macOS Mojave.

It is reported that the merger will occur in stages. Thanks to the new SDK, developers will be able to transfer their iPad apps to Macs later this year. For the iPhone, a set of development tools will appear only next year. Appropriate tools can be submitted at WWDC 2019.


Apple's plan is very similar to what Microsoft is trying to do with the universal Windows platform (UWP). A few years ago, the software giant began to promote the idea of ​​uniform universal applications for smartphones, tablets and computers running Windows. In 2017, Microsoft refused to further develop the mobile system Windows Phone, thereby doomed its idea to failure. However, Apple, unlike Windows, does not intend to combine iOS and macOS. Microsoft's universal applications still exist, but now the company is pushing developers to transfer their desktop programs to the Microsoft Store, instead of creating uniform applications for Xbox One, HoloLens, PCs and tablet computers.

Apple has not yet announced the date for WWDC 2019, however, according to MacRumors, the Apple developer conference will take place from June 3-7. It is expected that it will feature iOS 13 with a dark mode and a new home screen for the iPad. Bloomberg also does not exclude that Apple may hold a preliminary presentation of the updated Mac Pro.

Source: The Verge


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