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Bloomberg told what will be the design of new smartphones iPhone

17.04.2020 0 Comments

Bloomberg told what will be the design of new smartphones iPhone


According to Bloomberg, referring to informed sources, Apple is preparing a redesign of the top versions of the iPhone, borrowing some design elements from the latest iPad. As part of the upcoming autumn update, four models of smartphones and two new accessories will be presented to the public.

It is noted that at least two flagship versions will receive flat stainless steel side faces instead of the current curved lines. At the same time, the rounded corners will have a sharper outline, like the iPad Pro 2018 model line. Also, new smartphones will be equipped with flat displays, like the iPhone 5, and not with beveled edges, like current devices.


It is further reported that Apple is also developing a smaller and more affordable version of its smart HomePod speaker. This version will be released this year. In addition, the so-called Apple Tags devices are expected to appear this year, which will allow users to track real objects, such as keys and wallets. This is stated by people who have seen prototypes of these new products.

In addition, informed sources indicate that due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting malfunctions and delays, at least some of the new iPhones may be released a few weeks later than usual. But in any case, their presentation is planned to be held as part of a typical fall season. According to other people, Apple did not inform the suppliers of any significant delays, and it is expected that its engineers will go to China and complete the development of product design in May. A company representative declined to comment on this information.

As for other leaks, the upcoming versions of the iPhone Pro should receive three cameras on the rear panel, while the “basic” versions will continue to be content with two cameras. In addition, the Pro series devices, in addition to the existing camera modules, are planned to be equipped with a LiDAR sensor, which appeared in the recently released iPad Pro tablet and is used for the needs of augmented reality. However, the maximum configuration will include a larger display (6.7 inches instead of the current 6.5 inches). It is also expected that the cutout at the top of the display, which houses the front camera and Face ID sensors, will become more compact. In addition, the next-generation iPhone will feature a more powerful processor, OLED displays and 5G connectivity.

Source: Bloomberg

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