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 BOE may become the supplier of OLED panels for the next generation iPhone

14.03.2019 0 Comments


 BOE may become the supplier of OLED panels for the next generation iPhone

Apparently, Samsung is about to face tough competition in the production and sales of OLED displays. The new data indicates that the Chinese manufacturer of displays, BOE, is updating the assembly lines at its Sichuan plant to start production of OLED screens with an integrated touch sensor.

The company is already a leader in the field of LCD panels and one of the main suppliers of Huawei displays. It is not yet known how complete the BOE sentences are, but sources indicate that mass production is inevitable.


Before embedding the touch sensors, a separate film had to be installed at the top of the display. The advantage of having a sensor on the display is that it provides a thinner and lighter profile. Every iPhone released since 2007 used old display technology, but Apple is expected to move to a new technology along with the release of the next version of the iPhone.

BOE is already producing displays for Macbook and iPad. Therefore, the partnership with Apple may well be expanded to produce the next-generation iPhone. This step will make sense for Apple because it will help diversify the supply chain OLED, which primarily depends on Samsung.

Source: gsmarena


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