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Boring results of the year: relocation, innovation iPhone 11, rise and fall of iOS 13

08.01.2020 0 Comments

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<p>What was 2019 like?</p> 

<p>There are only a few days left before the New Year, which means it's time to take stock. 2019 was a very eventful year. It had everything: successes and failures, innovations and meme devices, scandals and loud dismissals, a “night theme”, constant Internet dumps, and even one monitor stand for 80 thousand rubles. In general, the year was excellent. We remind you of the main events.</p>
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2 has changed the registration. Now we are –

First, the main news of our project. After more than 12 years of existence, the site was forced to change the domain. This was requested by the American office of Apple, which sent an official request to the hosting provider. The reason is the use of the trademarks "Apple" and "iPhone" without the permission of the company.

All 12 years of work acted exclusively in support of Apple. We did not sell anything, did not break the law and adhered to one goal – helping users of the iPhone and other Apple technology. However, the company appeared to suddenly need this domain.

We did not enter into a legal battle and moved. Thus was born the "Shod flea." Since the end of 2019, the site is called For our readers, the move turned out to be only pluses. We began to create even more interesting content, and a further increase in activity is planned for 2020.

Apple selects the domain all the details

IPhone 11/11 Pro Night Shooting Mode

Boring results of the year: relocation, innovation iPhone 11, rise and fall of iOS 13

Everyone knew that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be the last smartphones in front of a completely new cycle of iPhones. Therefore, few expected the technological innovations from the novelties.

In reality, Apple was struck. The night shooting mode in smartphones allows you to take high-quality photos in virtually complete darkness. If there is even a little light, then the pictures are completely masterpieces.

As we wrote in our camera review of the new iPhones, they completely change thinking. If earlier evening and night shooting was associated with noise in the frame and low detail, then with the advent of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, shooting in the dark is a pleasure. Especially in the first few weeks when shooting in the dark seems like some kind of magic.

Review of the iPhone 11 Pro Review of the iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera review of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

AirPods Pro with noise reduction

Boring results of the year: relocation, innovation iPhone 11, rise and fall of iOS 13

In 2019, Apple released the long-awaited AirPods Pro wireless headphones. The novelty turned out to be phenomenal: a “smart” noise reduction system, noticeably improved sound, a design updated for increased convenience, and increased operating time without recharging. AirPods Pro immediately after its release became the best TWS-earphones in the world, just like the original AirPods of 2016.

Review of AirPods Pro Review of color AirPods Pro in Russia

Apple Watch Series 5 with always-on display

Boring results of the year: relocation, innovation iPhone 11, rise and fall of iOS 13

On the one hand, the Apple Watch in 2019 received a rather modest update – innovations can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, on the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 5 got an always-on display. And he completely changed the experience of using the Apple Watch! Using the Apple Watch Series 5 with a new screen all day, you simply won’t be able to wear older models. To such an extent, you will miss the always-on display.

Review Apple Watch Series 5

Monitor stand for 80 thousand rubles

Boring results of the year: relocation, innovation iPhone 11, rise and fall of iOS 13

In the summer of 2019, at WWDC 2019, Apple introduced a new computer for Mac Pro professionals, the equally professional 4K Pro Display XDR monitor and the genius Pro Stand for this $ 999 monitor. Or at a price of 79 990 rubles in Russia. Novelties went on sale only in December, while waiting, becoming the heroes of a bunch of memes. The new Mac Pro was compared to a cheese grater now and then, but the stand got the most. The world was clearly not ready for a monitor stand worth a thousand dollars.

Cancel AirPower

Boring results of the year: relocation, innovation iPhone 11, rise and fall of iOS 13

Not all planned Apple devices in 2019 saw the light. At the end of March, the company officially announced that the long-awaited mat for wireless charging of multiple devices at the same time AirPower will not work. According to the official announcement, Apple set such a high standard that it could not cope. The company wanted the wireless charging of all devices to be performed very quickly, but because of this, overheating occurred. As a result, the device, which has been in development for more than two years, was sent to the scrap.

Apple Arcade with dozens of games for iPhone and iPad

Boring results of the year: relocation, innovation iPhone 11, rise and fall of iOS 13

At WWDC 2019, Apple introduced several new services at once, two of which are really important. The first is the Apple Arcade game service. In it, for a more than adequate price (199 rubles per month), more than a hundred exclusive and very high-quality games for iPhone and iPad are available by subscription, as well as several dozen games for Mac and Apple TV. By launching Apple Arcade, the company has actually revived the mobile gaming industry. There was a real explosion of interest in mobile games among users, and developers began to pay much more attention to quality projects.

Apple TV + with exclusive TV shows and TV shows

The second most important service for Apple is Apple TV + streaming TV service. In it, again by subscription with an adequate price (the same 199 rubles per month), exclusive series, films and TV shows are presented. As predicted in previous years, Apple has created its counterpart to Netflix. So far, there is not enough content in it, but all of it is like a selection. TV shows from Apple TV + already receive nominations for the most prestigious awards.

Johnny Quince's departure from Apple

In late June, it became known that the legendary designer Joni Ive decided to leave the company after almost 30 years of work. It was Ive who led the Apple design team that created all the models of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, AirPods and other revolutionary Apple products. According to the designer himself, he went for new challenges. Ive opened his company LoveFrom, which will collaborate with Apple, helping her with the design of future products. Does this mean that Ive will actually continue to be responsible for the design of the iPhone and other devices is unknown.

Interestingly, after Ive announced that she would quit Apple, a publication appeared from The Wall Street Journal, in which the dismissal of a brilliant designer was associated with a scandal. Allegedly, the head of Apple Tim Cook has ceased to be satisfied with the way Ive is trying to make all devices super-expensive. In turn, Quince, as reported, was angry that Cook did not participate in the development of any Apple products at all and "saw some of them only directly at the presentation." After Cook denied this information, calling the rumors absurd.

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iOS 13 with a dark theme and a bunch of bugs

The main software update of 2019 was iOS 13. The developers added a long-awaited night theme to the firmware, an updated volume control indicator, Safari download manager, full support for flash drives and other changes that users requested. And everything would be great if not for the bugs.

The first month of euphoria from a dark topic ended, and users began to pay attention to the flaws of iOS 13. Complaints were about everything, from a quick discharge of the battery, ending with constant shutdowns of Wi-Fi and LTE. Apple tried to correct the situation and released a record number of updates – as many as nine pieces until December 10! Just think about it, in December the company launched iOS 13.3, while usually the x.3 update for iOS is released only at the very end of March!

Nevertheless, the developers failed to fix absolutely all the jambs in iOS 13. As a result, the company again (as after the failed iOS 11) had a secret meeting, at which it was decided for the first time to radically change the iOS development process. It is known that in the new iOS development system, the mechanism of eliminating the lagged functions will be applied literally with one click. Insiders found that in iOS 14 the company will try to make a minimum of mistakes and bring stability to the level of iOS 12.

IOS 13 review: mountain of innovations 6 functions that are required to appear in iOS 14

From the entire project team, we want to wish you in 2020 … to be like iOS 14! Eliminate all unnecessary and slowing down your development from your life, take risks, but make fewer mistakes and, of course, be stable!

Holiday greetings!

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