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Buyers have met iPhone SE (2020) perfectly

09.05.2020 0 Comments

Buyers have met iPhone SE (2020) perfectly


So says Apple.

The 2nd generation iPhone SE was well received by consumers and reviewers. This was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook, commenting on the launch of the company's new smartphone.


Buyers have met iPhone SE (2020) perfectly

According to Cook, the new iPhone SE has found consumer acceptance, as have other new Apple devices released in recent months. Cook emphasized that the updated MacBook Air and the new iPad Pro with a 3D LiDAR camera are also in great demand.

Demand for new Apple products is stable despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the world. However, Tim Cook did not disclose accurate statistics on sales of new Apple devices. In the course of last week’s Apple financial report for the first quarter of 2020, numbers were also not announced.

Apple stopped revealing the exact number of iPhone and other devices sold at the end of 2018. The company believes that these indicators have ceased to reflect its success.

The 2nd generation iPhone SE went on sale in Russia on April 25th. The smartphone with the design of the iPhone 8 and updated features is available at a price of 39,990 rubles.


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