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Call function will appear in Windows 10

12.10.2019 0 Comments

Call function will appear in Windows 10


New update.

Ecosystem – this is perhaps one of the main advantages of Apple. All devices of the corporation work flawlessly in conjunction and separately – which makes the company's products truly convenient to use.


Windows 10

Microsoft intends to repeat the successful experience of the "apple" corporation. True, the company from Redmond no longer has its own mobile operating system – which is why the corporation decided to join hands with Android.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has already achieved some success in this area – Your Phone application currently allows you to receive notifications, send messages, and transfer files between Windows 10 PCs and Android smartphones.

Microsoft is clearly not going to stop there – just the other day in the test build of Windows 10 there was a long-awaited call function. Now the option is available only to participants in the preliminary testing program. In the future, all users who have installed a major update to Windows 10 19H1 will be able to test the call feature.

To be able to make and receive calls, you will need a smartphone with Android 7.0 and newer, as well as a computer with Bluetooth support and the corresponding OS assembly.

Source: Microsoft

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