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Calls from 900 – who is this and who to complain to? Learned right at Sberbank

31.10.2019 0 Comments

Calls from 900 - who is this and who to complain to? Learned right at Sberbank


We got a reply.

Calls from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank is one of the most common phone scams. How does it work and what does Sberbank say about such calls? Understood this material.

Calls from 900 - who is this and who to complain to? Learned right at Sberbank


Calls from 900 are scammers

The first thing you need to know is that calls from 900 are allegedly received exclusively from scammers. Sberbank representatives, even senior managers and employees of special departments, never call customers from this number. There are no exceptions. If you see that the number "900" is calling you, be aware that these are scammers.

Substitution number? Like this?!

The number "900" was not just quoted. The fact is that Sberbank customers do not actually receive calls directly from 900. Scammers have no corny access to it.

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Attackers perform a number substitution and make a call from a number that is similar to 900. The substitution is carried out using special services available for use by ordinary users as well. The problem is that such services are not yet recognized as illegal. Just enter “number substitution” in the search and Google or Yandex will offer you dozens of sites that perform similar services.

Calls from 900 - who is this and who to complain to? Learned right at Sberbank

Such services allow you to replace a regular number with "9O0" or "90O". Have you noticed? One zero is replaced by the letter “O”. It is from such fake numbers that scammers make calls to potential victims.

A person may simply not pay attention to the fact that something is wrong with the number. On some Android smartphones with a changed font, the letter “O” may even appear completely like zero. In other words, victims are always there, otherwise ringing customers from fake numbers would not be so massive.

What they say in Sberbank

Well, there really is a scam. But what does Sberbank say about this? We contacted the bank support service.

It replied that Sberbank is aware of the existence of a fraudulent method associated with the substitution of numbers. Bank representatives stressed that the organization is actively fighting such scammers. We were also advised to report all suspicious support calls for further investigation.

So, if you receive a call supposedly from number 900, immediately drop it, call Sberbank yourself and complain about intruders. This is the only way ordinary users can influence the reduction of cyber fraud.

Earlier we talked about phone numbers that you can’t call back.

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