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Can iPad replace PC? Compare the features of the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air

24.03.2020 0 Comments

Can iPad replace PC? Compare the features of the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air


January 27, 2020 marks exactly ten years since the then-still living founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, officially unveiled the first-generation Apple iPad tablet to the world. Yesterday, Apple introduced the new iPad Pro with a screen size of 11 and 12.9 inches, as well as a new mechanical keyboard Magic Keyboard for him. And this is definitely a new milestone in the development of the iPad.

The Magic Keyboard is able to lift the iPad Pro above the table and, as rumors have it, it has a built-in trackpad that supports the usual gestures, as well as a USB-C connector for charging the entire system. And here you can not help but recall the background. Apple has always brought the iPad to the forefront, both in technological and marketing terms. It’s worth taking another look at yesterday’s commercials for the new iPad Pro. Pay attention to how Apple promotes the iPad Pro and skillfully plays up the term computer.


Yes, this strategy is not new, Apple has been trying for a long time to make an original PC replacement from the iPad, or rather, to convince customers of this (remember, in 2018, at the presentation of the iPad Pro, we were shown the processing of a 3 GB PSD file that the tablet could not handle worse than PC?). And the new iPad Pro really erases the line between tablets and ultra-thin laptops. It is enough to compare the new iPad Pro and the new MacBook Air presented with it at the same time.

There is no data on the performance of the new Apple A12Z Bionic SoC, which is an improved (overclocked?) Version of the A12X Bionic, but one involuntarily recalls the presentation of the previous generation iPad Pro with the A12X Bionic SoC. Then Apple claimed that tablets are more powerful than 92% of all PCs sold. Later there were performance tests in which the A12X Bionic showed record results and even outperformed the current mobile Intel Core i7. It will be very interesting to compare the A12Z Bionic and the new Intel Amber Lake-Y chips in terms of performance, how much such a comparison will be possible at all, given the different architectures. In any case, now there is practically no doubt about the fundamentally new MacBook without Intel processors. According to the latest forecast of the notorious Min-Chi Kuo, the first Apple computers with ARM processors of our own design we will see next year. At about the same time, the launch of the Marzipan platform, an analogue of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), should take place. Recall that the project provides for the gradual merger of iOS and macOS – developers will have the opportunity to combine applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac into a single application.

Answering the question in the title, it is clear that PC refers to ultra-thin laptops. And no, it is impossible to consider the iPad as a full replacement for the same MacBook Air, and a tablet is $ 350 more expensive with a keyboard. At the same time, now the iPad Pro is much better than the MacBook Air and in some scenarios the first may well be preferable to the second.

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