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Caution. Full Trojans created for iPhone

26.10.2019 0 Comments

Caution. Full Trojans created for iPhone


They are in the App Store!

In 17 applications for iPhone from the App Store, a clicker trojan was detected that performs background tasks on the user's device. Malicious software in the Apple app store was found by Wandera Threat Labs.


Caution. Full Trojans created for iPhone

According to them, a malicious application simulates clicks on ads and opens web pages in the background without the user's knowledge. The Trojan’s work is aimed at making a profit from switching to advertising banners from different regions.

IPhone smartphones with the Trojan installed begin to discharge faster, since tasks are constantly being performed in the background. In addition, devices overheat, experts emphasized.

Caution. Full Trojans created for iPhone

Icons of infected applications

All detected malicious applications were created by the Indian company AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Representatives of Wandera Threat Labs noted that similar clicker trojans are popular on Android smartphones. Now the scammers managed to adapt them for the iPhone.

Beta testers previously shared their feedback on iOS 13.2. They say the firmware is great.

Source: BC.

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