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Cheap and compact. HomePod mini on the way

22.05.2020 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

Cheap and compact. HomePod mini on the way

We hope for the support of the Russian.

Apple plans to release a compact and inexpensive “smart” HomePod mini speaker later this year. According to Bloomberg expert Mark Gourmet, Apple’s recent actions have indicated this.

First of all, Apple offered employees of the company the opportunity to purchase HomePod with a 50% discount in the amount of 10 pieces. Previously, Apple employees could buy up to two smart speakers at such a discount. This indicates Apple’s desire to get rid of the remaining first-generation HomePod stocks before launching new models.

In addition, HomePod has ceased to be available for purchase in several countries. The Apple online store notes that the device is completely sold out. This usually happens before the launch of a new Apple device, which replaces the previous one.

Rumors that Apple is developing a compact and cheaper version of HomePod first appeared last year. The price of the new column is expected to be less than $ 100. Whether HomePod mini will support the Russian language is currently unknown.

The announcement of HomePod mini may take place at the WWDC 2020 conference.

Source: MR.

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