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“Cheap flagship” Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is ready to launch

04.12.2019 0 Comments

“Cheap flagship” Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is ready to launch


We look forward to the end of the year.

Samsung is actively preparing to launch the new Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone, which should become a simplified and cheaper version of the flagship Galaxy S10. Today, the company posted a webpage titled Galaxy S10 Lite on its official website. Whether this was done by chance or not is unknown.


“Cheap flagship” Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is ready to launch

The Galaxy S10 Lite-dedicated webpage has appeared on Samsung's official French website. It does not disclose details about the technical characteristics of the smartphone. Nevertheless, the leak finally confirms that Samsung is indeed developing the S10 Lite and, judging by the addition of a page for it on the site, its release will take place soon.

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A lot is known about the Galaxy S10 Lite. Insiders have found that the smartphone will receive a system with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a battery with increased capacity compared to the Galaxy S10. On paper, the smartphone’s specifications look no worse than the Galaxy S10.

But the Galaxy S10 Lite will definitely become the “simplified” version of the flagship. It is assumed that he will have a less advanced display. This will allow Samsung to make the price of a smartphone lower.

“Cheap flagship” Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is ready to launch

The presentation of the Galaxy S10 Lite should take place before the end of 2019. According to experts, it is advisable for Samsung to hurry up with the launch of the new product so that it does not distract consumers from the flagship Galaxy S11 and S11 +, which will be announced in February 2020.

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