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Cheap Xbox Series X Next Generation Console Confirmed

21.05.2020 0 Comments

Cheap Xbox Series X Next Generation Console Confirmed


It remains to wait for the announcement.

Microsoft is developing a cheaper version of the new generation Xbox Series X console. The console will be called the Xbox Series S and will attract customers with high performance and support for all the latest games, but at a reduced price compared to the main version of the console.


Cheap Xbox Series X Next Generation Console Confirmed

According to the source of the publication Windows Central, game developers primarily focus on the simplified Xbox Series S. Console developers do not comment on whether Microsoft itself gave such a recommendation, but journalists assume that it is.

Microsoft sees the low price of the Xbox Series S as its trump card and customer advantage, the source said. The console may be especially popular due to the fact that Sony, as expected, is preparing only one version of the PlayStation 5 console.

The Xbox Series S announcement date is currently unknown.

Source: WC.

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