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Chrome update made pages load faster

04.09.2020 0 Comments

Chrome update made pages load faster


The new version is available to everyone right now.

The new version of the browser Google Chrome 85.0 has accelerated the loading of web pages and made changes to the work of some functions. Users who have installed the Chrome update can expect up to 10% faster page loading times.


Google emphasized that the acceleration is due to the optimization of the browser code. Depending on the site, the increase in speed varies from two to ten percent.

Also in the new version of Google Chrome, an option has appeared that allows you to collapse groups of tabs. In order to group tabs, right-click on the tab title and select "Add tab to group". If this option is not present, it must be manually enabled by activating the Tab Groups parameter on the flags management page chrome: // flags /.

The beta version of Chrome, which became available to everyone with the launch of Chrome 85.0, introduced background tab throttling. The innovation is responsible for the fact that the tabs are no longer completely unloaded from memory. Instead, there is a performance degradation for these tabs, which frees up computer resources.

Source: TC.

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