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Chrome will save users from malicious requests

02.06.2020 0 Comments

Chrome will save users from malicious requests


Already in the next version.

The new version of Google Chrome 84.0 will include a system for blocking unwanted and malicious requests from sites. Chrome will automatically block requests for notifications with hidden terms and redirects to other sites.


Chrome will save users from malicious requests

The new version of Chrome will take a closer look at site requests for sending notifications. Such requests are sent both by regular sites and by malicious ones, including with the aim of stealing the personal data of users.

With the launch of the Chrome 84.0 update, the browser will begin to detect malicious requests and block their appearance. Blocking will be subject to requests for sending notifications with hidden conditions and with redirection to other sites.

Chrome will save users from malicious requests

In the desktop version of the browser, unwanted requests will be blocked in the background. Only a special icon that appears near the address bar will signal the blocking. In the mobile version of Chrome, blocking malicious requests will be accompanied by an alert.

Source: Chromium.

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