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Clamshell Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Five Reasons Why It's Worth Buying

16.02.2020 0 Comments

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<p>Samsung did its best.</p> 

<p>On February 11, at the presentation of the Galaxy Unpacked 2020, Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip. This is the second flexible smartphone of the Korean brand, which is very different from the past Galaxy Fold. Samsung has worked on bugs and made a flexible smartphone for the masses, not for technologists. They said why many Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will want to buy.</p>
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Compact classic clamshell design

If the Samsung Galaxy Fold was impressive in size and unfolded turned into a full-fledged tablet, then the Galaxy Z Flip is made in a completely different form factor. The new smartphone resembles the legendary clamshell. When unfolded, this is a regular smartphone with a 6.7-inch touch screen and a case with a thickness of only 7.2 mm. And folded in half, the smartphone easily fits in any pocket.


Samsung has made the new form factor stylish and useful. For example, bending the smartphone at an angle of 90 degrees, it can be installed on any horizontal surface without stands and tripods. This is useful when taking photos and videos, as well as during video calls. And with the help of special software, the screen is divided into two parts and you can simultaneously start and work in two applications at once.

Flexible but durable screen

For Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the Korean manufacturer has created a unique 6.7-inch Full HD + display, which can be folded in half. And if the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a plastic coating that is easily scratched, then the new smartphone has a display covered with durable ultra-thin glass. Samsung claims that the screen can easily withstand up to 200 thousand bends.

Improved hinge for consistent, crisp performance

Samsung calls the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold articulated mechanism a true piece of engineering. This miniature system with a two-jaw mechanism and unique cleaning technology guarantees consistently accurate operation every time you open or fold your smartphone. At the same time, as is the case with laptops, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip screen remains open at any angle.

Powerful filling

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is not only a stylish design and a unique display, but also a powerful filling, similar to flagships. The heart of the new smartphone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset. The company consists of 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB drive. And the autonomy of the smartphone provides a battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh. The smartphone also has three cameras – a dual 12-megapixel main on the back and a 10-megapixel front, embedded in the display.

This is the cheapest foldable smartphone.

Samsung tried to make the Galaxy Z Flip a high-tech and durable smartphone, while cheap as much as possible in the case of folding devices. And she, admittedly, succeeded. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is cheaper than competitors and even its predecessor. Its value in the US market will be only 1380 dollars, and in Russia it can be purchased for 120 thousand rubles. Smartphone sales will start on February 14th.

Source: Samsung

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