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“Collapse” is postponed. Apple reported huge profits

01.11.2019 0 Comments

“Collapse” is postponed. Apple reported huge profits


Haters were silent.

Tonight, Apple reported success for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019. According to the report, over the past quarter, the company received revenue of $ 64 billion and net profit equal to $ 13.69 billion. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company completed the quarter with the highest quarterly revenue.


“Collapse” is postponed. Apple reported huge profits

Cook noted that the record was boosted by strong growth in services, wearable device and iPad sales. Also, according to the CEO of Apple, customers were delighted with the new iPhone.

AliExpress 11.11 2019

“Collapse” is postponed. Apple reported huge profits

Since the beginning of 2019, Apple has ceased to disclose the exact number of iPhone, iPad and Mac sold. However, the company still reports revenue from the sale of devices and revenue from services. In the fourth fiscal quarter, the figures are as follows:

iPhone: $ 33.36 billion; iPad: $ 4.66 billion; Mac: $ 6.99 billion; Other devices: $ 6.52 billion; Services: $ 12.5 billion.

Tim Cook said that with the release of the new AirPods Pro wireless headphones and the launch of the Apple TV + streaming video service, the company is very optimistic about the upcoming holiday quarter. In it, Apple expects revenue from $ 85.5 to $ 89.5 billion.

We previously said that the first owners of AirPods Pro think about headphones.

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AliExpress 11.11 2019 AliExpress 11.11 2019

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