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Constant calls from Moscow numbers +7 495 – who is it?

23.10.2019 0 Comments

Constant calls from Moscow numbers +7 495 - who is it?


And how to fight?

One of the frequent complaints of Russian subscribers is strange calls from Moscow numbers that start at +7 (495). In most cases, their strangeness lies in the fact that the answer is an instant reset call. Who is calling and for what purpose?


Constant calls from Moscow numbers +7 495 - who is it?

Constant calls from Moscow numbers +7 495 – who is it?

There are two main types of calls from unknown numbers with the Moscow code.

1. Calls from real institutions. Banks, mobile operators, Internet providers and other organizations often call current or potential customers from Moscow numbers. Most often, such numbers are known on the Internet and it is not difficult to break through them. In addition, the calls themselves are safe. Subscribers are only voiced new special offers or “profitable temporary promotions”.

2. Calls from scammers. Fraudulent calls from Moscow numbers are relatively easy to identify. First of all, such calls most often end when the subscriber picks up the phone. Thus, scammers try to force the subscriber to call back himself, which leads to large deductions.

In addition, attackers can impersonate employees of various organizations. Identifying fraudsters in this case is somewhat more difficult, since institutions can indeed make calls from Moscow numbers.

What to do in order not to become a victim of scammers

Many Russian subscribers from the regions prefer, in principle, not to answer calls with the Moscow code. In most cases, this is absolutely the right decision. Even if representatives of a bank or mobile operator call you, then in order to make a “next profitable offer”.

However, there is a more flexible way to solve the problem. You can punch an unknown number on the Internet manually or use special applications with the function of determining the number. We talked about how to do this in detail in this article.

Earlier, we shared a proven way to refund money for unwanted charges from a mobile phone account.

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