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Created overlay that turns iPhone XR into iPhone 11

30.11.2019 0 Comments

Created overlay that turns iPhone XR into iPhone 11


Selling up with a bang.

Chinese craftsmen have created a special overlay for the camera, which "turns" the iPhone XR into the iPhone 11. Previously, similar overlays existed only for newer iPhones with dual cameras.


Created overlay that turns iPhone XR into iPhone 11

Overlays for “turning” the cameras of the old iPhone into triple cameras of the latest iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max became popular in October. Due to the huge demand among buyers on AliExpress, hundreds of sellers have appeared who sell such covers for iPhone X / XS / XS Max.

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Now, enthusiasts have created similar overlays for the iPhone XR. If you glue the cover to the smartphone’s camera, it will look like a large square platform with a dual camera iPhone 11. The covers are presented on AliExpress in various colors, corresponding to the colors of the iPhone XR. The price of each pad is 74 rubles.

Similar pads have become incredibly popular on AliExpress, despite the great criticism of the triple cameras of the new iPhone, which was seen on the Internet after the release of smartphones in September.

Note that for older iPhone models such overlays have not yet appeared on sale.

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