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Dark Mode, online radio stations and Chromecast support added to Apple Music app for Android

28.09.2019 0 Comments

Dark Mode, online radio stations and Chromecast support added to Apple Music app for Android


Yesterday Google announced the appearance of a dark theme for the Gmail mobile application, both for Android and iOS, after which Apple decided to please the owners of Android smartphones with the new Apple Music service features.

To an unprepared user, it seems logical to use the Play Music music service on Android smartphones, and a similar Apple Music project on iPhone smartphones. However, sometimes users of Android smartphones are not satisfied with the choice of music or the features of the interface of the “native” application, someone already had a subscription to Apple Music before purchasing an Android model, someone is more comfortable paying a family subscription for all family members, even those who iPhone has not been bought yet …


In general, there can be many reasons for using Apple Music on the Android operating system, so we will focus on the improvements. Firstly, the latest update of the application finally introduced support for Chromecast, so that now users can output the sound stream to better (compared to the phone) acoustics of a home theater or TV.


Secondly, the application received support for online radio stations through the services of TuneIn, and iHeartRadio, which provide a choice of 100 thousand radio stations around the world. Well, and thirdly, the application can now be switched to Dark Mode, which definitely should please fans of noir themes. By the way, last week the service also worked with Android Auto.

Source: The Verge


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