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Defense Ministry refuses to transfer frequencies to operators to launch 5G in Russia

13.07.2019 0 Comments


The launch of the infrastructure for the operation of the 5G technology in Russia is in jeopardy. This follows from the report of the newspaper Vedomosti, which refers to the recall of the Ministry of Defense. Thus, the launch of fifth-generation networks in the domestic market, scheduled for 2021, may be postponed indefinitely. The reason is the desire of departments to retain the frequencies that are necessary for the operation of the technology.

Defense Ministry refuses to transfer frequencies to operators to launch 5G in Russia


The official position of the department is that the frequency range 3.4-3.8 GHz, necessary for the operation of networks of the fifth generation, can be useful for military needs, write Vedomosti. Today, these frequencies are used to provide special communications between military units and units of other departments. Therefore, even if the Ministry of Defense meets the needs of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, which is busy resolving issues regarding the launch of 5G, there are no guarantees that the rest of the security forces will agree to this.

5G in Russia

In theory, launching networks of the fifth generation in Russia without corresponding frequencies is possible, but in this case, the technology can be called 5G only nominally, the publication's interlocutors state. Thus, the Russian networks will not be able to fully perform the tasks that are planned to be entrusted to 5G: this is both a smart city, and the Internet of things, and unmanned vehicles.

While Russian officials are trying to reach consensus with each other, the launch of the first commercial 5G networks is about to take place in the world. In South Korea, it will be held on April 5, and in the United States – on April 11. To these dates, some manufacturers timed the start of sales of branded smartphones with 5G. In particular, Samsung Electronics did this, announcing a consistent appearance of the top-end Galaxy S10 5G at retail, which will first be available in Korea and then in the States.

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