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Disadvantages of a titanium apple card that make it just a souvenir

13.07.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

The titanium Apple Card Physics, which Apple plans to release for countries where Apple Pay is not yet operating, is considered by many to be a premium financial tool. Many Americans have already expressed their desire to receive such a card simply as an additional means of payment. However, from the point of view of a user from Russia who is tempted by banking products, this is a very dubious product that has a number of significant drawbacks.

Disadvantages of a titanium apple card that make it just a souvenir

To begin, probably, it is necessary with distribution Apple Card. Despite the fact that Goldman Sachs, which issues the card, announced that it plans to enter foreign markets with it, at first it will be available exclusively in the United States. But even if Apple approves the international launch of the Apple Card, it most likely will not get to Russia anyway, since Goldman Sachs is engaged in our country exclusively in consulting activities, as well as interbank lending, and does not have a license to serve individuals.

Titanium Apple Card

But the problem is not even in this, but in the convenience of use. Not only does Apple offer titanium Apple Card holders 1% cashback, which is quite a bit by the standards of Russia, it also does not support contactless payment. The last factor may be decisive for the majority of Russians, who, if they don’t use Apple Pay, prefer to pay without contact, simply putting the card to the terminal.

Information about the absence in the physical Apple Card case of the near-field module (NFC), which makes it possible to pay for the purchase by attaching the card to the payment terminal, was confirmed by CNC spokesman MasterCard to CNET journalist Ben Rubin. According to them, Apple's titanium "plastic" really will not work for contactless payment, allowing you to pay only with the help of the built-in chip.

What are dangerous cards with NFC

Apple’s decision to abandon NFC in the physical Apple Card was quite disappointing, but not without sense. Since the titanium card is scheduled to launch where there is no Apple Pay (and Apple’s plan is for countries where it’s very tight with contactless terminals), in Cupertino it was considered that the introduction of a near-field module, which cannot be used, would cause users resentment. In addition, NFC makes it much easier to debit money from a card if you bring a terminal to it, which is quite common among fraudsters.

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