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Disclosed the amount of RAM and battery line iPhone 11

19.09.2019 0 Comments


During the presentation of new iphone devices we paid a lot of attention, talking about their performance, photos and video capabilities, "stuffing". But, unfortunately, not all the questions of the fans were answered. Yes, the fact that the new iPhones work for an hour, or even for several hours longer than their predecessors is fine in itself, it’s even better that the new products are so many percent faster, but everyone would really like to know, and preferably before the release, how many gigabytes of RAM are installed on board these devices. also many interested in the volume of batteries, which for some reason, too, bypassed.


IPhone 11 Pro camera module close-up.

Insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, known on the network under the nickname OnLeaks, reassured fans by saying that the iPhone 11 got 4 GB, and the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max got 6 GB of RAM, which is simply gorgeous compared to last year's iPhone XR and its 3 GB .

However, his data regarding the iPhone 11 was indirectly confirmed earlier during testing in the Geekbench benchmark. Nevertheless, some still had doubts, because such data is not always one hundred percent correct. Skeptics were reassured by the Chinese regulator TENAA, which today posted the missing information on its website.

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Indeed, the iPhone 11 is equipped with 4 GB of RAM. As, however, and all other models. The 6GB documentation is not mentioned anywhere.

The site also says that the iPhone 11 will receive a 3110 mAh battery, while the XR, its predecessor, has a 2942 mAh battery. The new iPhone 11 Pro is equipped with a 3046 mAh battery, while the XS has a battery capacity of 2658 mAh. The most capacious 3969 mAh battery is installed in the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Recall that last year's XS Max has a 3174 mAh battery, which is about 20 percent less.

In this situation, the iPhone 11 can last 17 hours in video viewing mode. In similar conditions, the iPhone 11 Pro works up to 18 hours, and the Pro Max – 20.

A significant increase in battery capacity is justified, given some technical parameters of smartphones and their capabilities. The news is definitely good, because the previous insider data on Pro Max did not look so impressive at all. Recall that the OnLeaks insider predicted him a battery of only 3500 mA / h.

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