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Disclosed the cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. More expensive than many thought

14.10.2019 0 Comments

Disclosed the cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. More expensive than many thought


Cost was higher than expected.

In early September, Apple introduced its new smartphones – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Many experts and analysts predicted that this year the company will decide to reduce the cost of devices – due to not the highest sales figures of past models. But the miracle did not happen: the company retained the previous price tag for premium models, making a small discount only on the "budget" version of the iPhone.


iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple's pricing policy has been criticized more than once by consumers. Users are sure that the corporation receives fabulous profits from each smartphone. But is it? Experts from TechInsights decided to find out the answer to this question. Wizards disassembled the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the cogs and estimated the cost of the components inside the smartphone.

The most expensive element in the iPhone 11 Pro Max was the triple camera module – this component costs Apple as much as $ 73.5. Next comes the OLED matrix – $ 66.5. Closes the top three is the innovative Apple A13 Bionic processor: experts rated the chip at $ 64.

The publication also calculated the costs of Apple for the assembly and testing of the device. This procedure takes the corporation another $ 21.

According to rough estimates, the total cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is $ 490.5. This is the highest figure in the history of the iPhone. However, this is still only 45% of the retail cost of the device.

Where do the rest of the money go? Contrary to popular belief, not all funds fall into Apple's pocket. Experts did not take into account that the corporation spends colossal amounts on marketing, research, software development, salaries and much more. Of course, Apple makes more money from each device sold than other manufacturers. However, the value of net profit is still not as high as is commonly believed in wide circles.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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