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Do not expect Apple's “shameless” augmented reality glasses until at least 2023

12.11.2019 0 Comments

Do not expect Apple's “shameless” augmented reality glasses until at least 2023


Last week, we learned that Valve, which introduced the Index virtual reality headset in spring, is helping Apple develop a stereoscopic augmented reality headset for Apple. Now, The Information, citing informed sources, has reported that Apple plans to release its first AR headset in 2022, while the release of more compact augmented reality glasses is scheduled for 2023.

It has been rumored for a long time that Apple is working on a headset or augmented reality glasses, potentially capable of making a new revolution in the industry and producing an effect comparable to the appearance on the iPhone market. Last month, the first official confirmation of the fact of the development of the device appeared and it was assumed that it would enter the market in 2020. Newer and much later dates were announced at a closed press briefing by the Apple engineering team. Apparently, in its current form, the technology is still very raw and needs to be improved – hence the late deadlines.


Interlocutors of The Information also told new details about the headset of Augmented Reality Apple, held under model number N301. She should be the first to leave. According to informants, it will look like a more compact version of the Oculus Quest headset. The device will combine the capabilities of AR and VR, the equipment will include external cameras for building a three-dimensional environment (drawing the outlines of people, furniture and entire rooms) and an integrated high-resolution display to demonstrate VR content and mix virtual objects with objects from a real environment by superimposing the former on the latter . The engineers were informed that since 2021 software developers have been connecting to the project.

Apple's debut AR-headset will be followed by compact and lightweight glasses, codenamed N421, which can already be comfortably used for a long time and worn outdoors without worrying about your appearance. The original headset is not suitable for everyday use due to its cumbersome design.

Interlocutors of The Information said that "current prototypes look like expensive sunglasses with thick frames that contain a battery and other electronics." According to the person who saw the prototypes with his own eyes, Apple is also developing special lenses that darken during operation to clearly indicate the status of the device.

After the publication of The Information, Bloomberg independently confirmed that Apple “recently” decided to postpone the release of the first augmented reality headset from 2020 to a later date. The AR / VR Hybrid will be “game-oriented, watch videos, and virtual meetings,” according to Bloomberg editor Mark Gourmet.

Both the headset and the glasses that come next will use the “new 3D camera system.” The latter will be an evolutionary development of the Face ID system, which is now used in the iPhone and iPad Pro. The new ToF time-of-flight camera is expected to debut in the new iPad Pro, due out early next year. This agrees with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – he also claimed that this new camera, designed to expand AR capabilities, will debut on the iPad Pro, and then appear on the iPhone 2020.

Well, now the situation with the headset and augmented reality glasses Apple is becoming clearer. The headset will be the first to enter the market. Earlier, the same Min-Chi Kuo claimed that it would be more of an accessory for the iPhone, similar to the first generation of Apple Watch. The same revolutionary augmented reality glasses will debut next, with which Apple should show everyone how to make a massive AR device.

It remains to recall how, in an old interview with The Independent in 2017, Tim Cook called augmented reality the same "big idea as smartphones."

“Smartphones are aimed at all people, we do not position the iPhone as a device for a specific audience or residents of some countries. iPhone is for everyone. I think augmented reality, as an idea, is just as great, it is huge. ”

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Source: The Information and Bloomberg

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