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Do not rush to install macOS Catalina. There are serious problems

12.10.2019 0 Comments

Do not rush to install macOS Catalina. There are serious problems


First complaints.

A few days ago, Apple released macOS Catalina. The operating system has many useful improvements, which we talked about in a detailed review. However, the first user reviews suggest that for the time being you should refrain from updating – there are too many contentious issues in the operating system.



MacOS Catalina’s advanced security features have negatively impacted the compatibility of some professional applications. Users on the Web began to actively complain about errors and unstable programs.


The Adobe application suite was especially hit, including such popular graphic editors as Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe itself recommends that users stay on macOS Mojave, until the release of relevant updates for applications.

Logic Pro X

Under the "distribution" were professional applications for writing music. Since macOS Catalina Apple completely abandoned 32-bit applications, many musicians have lost additional software tools for creating and processing sound. A huge number of 32-bit plugins were developed for macOS, and all of them stopped working overnight.

macOS Catalina has become a really serious problem for musicians. Users cannot even work with up-to-date software tools due to compatibility issues caused by new security systems.

The negative consequences were not long in coming – some of the users decided to roll back to the previous version, while others began to seriously consider switching to a competing platform – Windows. According to professionals, Apple puts their interests above others and is completely not listening to the wishes of users.

Source: CDM

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