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Does Microsoft listen and read dialogs on Skype?

13.08.2019 0 Comments

Does Microsoft listen and read dialogs on Skype?


It turned out that Microsoft has access to data on Skype calls and Cortana requests.

Perhaps after such news you will think twice before using Skype for personal conversations and correspondence with people. It turned out that Microsoft representatives could gain access to conversation records and files transferred via software. Such news came from the camp of Vice, an American lifestyle magazine that stated that corporation employees could save part of user conversations and use it for their own personal purposes (or transmit it to third parties).


Does Microsoft listen and read dialogs on Skype?

Among other things, Microsoft could access requests addressed to Cortana's voice assistant. Most of the topics that fell into the hands of the company are extremely intimate, which is a direct violation of all the possible rights of Internet users.

According to the terms of the contract between Microsoft and ordinary users, the corporation uses some segments of conversations to automatically learn software and develop a voice assistant so that Cortana can more accurately respond to requests. The head office receives a sample conversation between people, which is processed and used by employees for any purpose. At Microsoft, Vice was answered as follows:

“Everyone agrees to the terms of use of the service, including giving consent to the processing of their voice messages.”

However, the agreement does not indicate that messages of an intimate direction (some users have virtual sex, which is a taboo for outsiders) also do not fall into the hands of third parties. And some of these “persons” can then share them with their friends, joking about “what progress has come to.” And, as noted in Vice, there is no way to abandon the Skype assistant’s automatic training program and, accordingly, you can’t prohibit the use of personal conversations by third parties in any way.

The problem of “Cortana” is not unique, in many programs that use the methodology of training on voice messages of users, it is possible to highlight and save conversations of ordinary people. Similar statements fell in the direction of Apple, Google and Amazon, after which the latter changed their policies and allowed users to abandon the use of private conversations in order to train computer systems. Perhaps in the future, when dozens of allegations of violation of the privacy of Skype users will be sent to Microsoft, appropriate measures will be taken. But for now, we highly recommend that you do not use the messenger for purely intimate purposes.


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