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Earlier and larger. Fresh forecast for Apple switching to native ARM processors in Mac computers

16.04.2020 0 Comments

Earlier and larger. Fresh forecast for Apple switching to native ARM processors in Mac computers


Apple’s sensational (alleged) transition to its own ARM processors in Mac computers instead of Intel CPUs, which it has been using in mobile and desktop models since 2006, may happen earlier and turn out to be larger than expected. At least, according to the notorious analyst Min-Chi Kuo, known for his connections in the supply chain and accurate predictions regarding Apple.

Only last month, the analyst claimed that Apple’s new Macbook mobile PC with an ARM-based ARM processor will be released in the next 12-18 months. In a fresh letter (MacRumors has a copy), Min-Chi Kuo writes that Apple plans to release in 2021 several new Macs with ARM processors in laptop and desktop form factors.


The analyst believes that the transition to ARM processors instead of x86-compatible Intel models will significantly increase the competitive advantage of the Mac line, as well as reduce dependence on Intel, while reducing processor costs by 40-60%.

ARM processors, widely used in mobile devices, compare favorably with x86-compatible chips in higher energy efficiency, but at the same time they lose in performance. On the other hand, many believe that the capabilities of modern ARM cores are excessive for their segment. And now, few people are denying the potential of ARM chips to become worthy competitors for x86 in the mobile segment. In other words, now the iMac all-in-one PC with a high-performance ARM processor with active cooling seems no longer so unrealistic, not to mention mobile PCs. You don’t have to go far for examples – Always Connected PC class laptops on ARM processors with Windows 10 OS. Due to the very high cost and insufficiently high performance, Always Connected PC competes with regular models on x86-compatible CPUs so far. But Apple has a better chance of successfully implementing the concept than Microsoft, given the close integration of hardware and software components.

The announcement of the first Mac models on ARM processors, which should mark a new chapter in the history of the line, is expected next year at the WWDC 2021 conference.

Source: MacRumors

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