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Engineers compared the "stuffing" of Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4

26.09.2019 0 Comments


Engineers from the iFixit site continue to deal with apple innovations. Following the iPhone 11, which fell into their disassembly the other day, experts decided to dissect the Apple Watch 5, compare them with the fourth version, to find out how they differ, and at the same time to evaluate their maintainability, of course. A visual comparison of the two models does not immediately distinguish the new watch from the previous one. The surefire way is to turn them backside, and then see where Series 5 is written. This watch will be the top five. The procedure for opening the case has not changed since the last version: the hair dryer and a thin scalpel do an excellent job. More interesting!


Fully Disassembled Apple Watch 5

On the back of the display, reviewers hoped to see exactly what makes the display burn constantly. The developers stated that they are using new hardware and software improvements, improved display drivers and a new power management chip along with a light sensor improved in comparison with the previous version.

Apple released watchOS 6.1 beta 1 and macOS 10.15 beta 9

Plain and X-ray top panel of Apple Watch 5

In fact, the reason that allows the display to work all day is hidden deep inside. We are talking not only about the innovations mentioned above, but also about the LTPO technology, patented by Apple several years ago. An improved, or even a completely new light sensor, as well as a new reduced gyroscope, engineers were able to see with an X-ray.

Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4 batteries

The battery of the novelty in capacity is 1.4 percent more compared to the fourth version: it became 296 mAh, and it was 291.8 mAh. therefore, the engineers logically suggested that the long-playing display really owes a lot not to the giant battery, but to significant hardware improvements.

The process of disassembling the Apple Watch 5

In case someone did not know or forgot, we remind you that we have Yandex.Zen.

The "Five" contains twice as much memory, a new gyroscope, but it has the exact same processor and GPU as in the previous version. However, despite this similarity, as well as the almost identical arrangement of components on the board, one change is striking: the cables for the current and previous models are completely different, so Apple Watch 4 parts will not work for new ones.

Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4

At the end of the material, the experts went according to Apple's statement that the company uses “one hundred percent recycled aluminum” and noted that environmental concerns, as well as the use of recycled materials, are very important. But the truth is that using recycled aluminum is much cheaper than freshly made. In addition, most of the aluminum in the world has already been recycled, or even more than once. Therefore, recycled aluminum is not very interesting, although aluminum cases look very beautiful, and titanium ones are even more beautiful!

What is wrong with the Apple Watch Series 5 and why it is better to buy Series 4

As a result, Apple Watch received 6 points out of 10 in terms of maintainability rating.

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