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Everyone is buying used iPhones. How not to fall for a divorce?

17.04.2020 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

Everyone is buying used iPhones. How not to fall for a divorce?

Tips to follow.

Since the end of March, Russia has recorded a large increase in demand for used smartphones. According to experts surveyed by Kommersant, this is due to the introduction of a self-isolation regime in Russia, a fall in Russian incomes and the closure of many stores selling mobile devices. Along with the growing demand for smartphones, the number of scammers trying to cash in on unsuspecting customers has increased. How to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters operating on the sites? They gave some tips that you should always remember.

Everyone is buying used iPhones. How to get caught in a divorce?

If you buy an iPhone

1. Remember that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. If the seller suggests you buy some iPhone XR or iPhone 11 for 15,000 rubles, then in 99.9% of cases this is a divorce. Even if a person says that he "urgently needs money."

2. Do not buy an iPhone without a check from dubious sellers. Remember the old as a world of divorce associated with iPhones. An iPhone sold without a check may be blocked by a scammer through Apple. Typically, cybercriminals demand a ransom for their victims from their victims. And without a receipt for buying an iPhone, you cannot prove to Apple support that the smartphone was indeed purchased by you and you have every right to use it.

3. Check your iPhone for originality. It is easy to distinguish a real iPhone from a fake on Android (how to do it). This can be done in dozens of different ways, corny through Apple's proprietary services, which cannot be on Android. But distinguishing a restored iPhone from a new one can be much more difficult. Therefore, be sure to check the purchased iPhone for compliance with the model, so as not to buy the iPhone X instead of the iPhone XS and the fact that it is new. How to do such a check, we told here.

Everyone is buying used iPhones. How not to fall for a divorce?

If you sell iPhone

1. The main thing to remember is that in no case enter someone else's Apple ID on your iPhone. Yes, this oldest divorce is still actively used by fraudsters and, as a result, is quite successful. Typically, scammers ask the seller of the iPhone to log on to the smartphone under their Apple ID account for additional verification. In reality, the following happens: the iPhone instantly blocks, and the fraudster asks for a considerable amount for unlocking.

2. And, of course, you should be careful when selling expensive iPhone models. When meeting with the buyer, be careful: choose a crowded place, come to a meeting with someone from relatives or friends. There are often cases when scammers, after checking the iPhone, allegedly agree to purchase, ask the owner to untie the Apple ID, but before transferring money they simply hide together with a smartphone.

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