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Everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 5

16.08.2019 0 Comments

Everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 5


Apple's new smartwatch may be released as early as next month.

Apple usually presents new versions of its Apple Watch in September, so with a high probability Apple Watch Series 5 we will see in a month. According to rumors, the gadget will receive advanced technology for monitoring the quality of sleep, increased battery life and the function of removing the ECG for all countries. Analysts also expect a ceramic version.

Apple Watch saved 80-year-old German woman


In the Apple Watch Series 4, the Cupertinians added a sensor that in real time checks the work of the heart and is able to record an ECG (electrocardiogram). In the event that a smartwatch determines an unusual heart rate, they immediately inform their owner about it. And this function saved a single life. You can read about the latter case here.

In addition, smart watches can detect a hard fall and, in the absence of human movement, call the rescue services for a certain time, as well as inform the immediate family indicated on the medical card. How it works, read here.

This fall, Apple Watch will release a new version of the operating system – watchOS 6. Together with it, the owners of potential Apple Watch Series 5, as well as most previous smartwatch models, expect many new features. Many of them are related to health.

According to rumors, the Apple Watch 5, in addition to its main function of showing time, will also become an almost ultimatum health tracker.

So, here is what we expect from the next generation of the device.

Sleep tracking function

Sleep is very important for health – hardly anyone will argue with this. In the future, Apple Watch will have a function for tracking sleep quality, Bloomberg reporters are sure. According to rumors, Apple is actively testing its own sleep tracker.

How to improve sleep quality with iPhone

By the way, many competitors of Apple Watch have similar solutions – for example, Fitbit smart watches, which are able to calculate the time spent in the phase of deep and fast sleep.

However, if Apple really creates its own sleep tracking technology, it is likely that it will be ready only in the 2020th year. And thus, Apple Watch 5 will not be in time for the premiere.

Ceramic version

In 2018, the Cupertinos did not release a luxury version of the Apple Watch with a ceramic case. This year everything can change – the ceramic model can return to the market.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who very rarely makes mistakes when it comes to new Apple devices, announced the likely release of ceramic smart watches back in February this year.

Apple Watch 5 Release Date

Since 2015, Apple annually launches new Apple Watch smart watches, so this tradition is unlikely to be violated in 2019. Usually, Apple Watch is shown along with the new "iPhones" – so if nothing extraordinary happens, we will see Apple Watch 5 with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max on September 10 or 12.

How to install watchOS 6 without a developer account

Recall that the Apple Watch Series 4 was introduced on September 12, 2018 along with the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. A year earlier, Apple showed the Apple Watch Series 3 along with the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus.

New processor

We are confident that the Apple Watch 5 will receive updated hardware, faster and more powerful than the previous model. For example, Apple Watch 4 used the S4 processor, which, according to Apple engineers, is 2 times faster than the S3 of Apple Watch 3. Perhaps the Apple Watch 5 chip will show a similar increase in speed.

watchOS 6

Apple talked about what watchOS 6 is capable of at a press conference at WWDC 2019 in June. Since then, we have gained access to several beta versions of the firmware. Read about the latest test build here.

watchOS 6 announced: what's new, a complete list of innovations

The main innovation of the next OS for smart watches is the appearance of its own exclusive store that is not associated with the App Store for iOS devices.

You can download watchOS 6 on the Apple Watch from Series 1 to Series 4. And, of course, if the Yabloko will release Apple Watch 5, then for the latest current model.

Source: Business Insider

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