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Experts iFixit believe that the latest laptops MacBook Pro (2018) are not subject to the problem of Flexgate. Apple quietly improved their design

12.07.2019 0 Comments

Experts iFixit believe that the latest laptops MacBook Pro (2018) are not subject to the problem of Flexgate. Apple quietly improved their design


Apparently, last year's MacBook Pro laptops lack a design flaw that could eventually lead to chafing and damage to the cable connecting the motherboard and display device. At least, this is indicated by the latest publication of iFixit specialists.

In the corresponding report, iFixit experts note that in the 2018 MacBook Pro models, the length of the cable connecting the motherboard to the display is 2 mm longer than their predecessors (photo below). These additional millimeters of length reduce the load on the cable when opening the laptop's screen cover to a wide angle and, consequently, increase the reliability of the design, reducing the likelihood of the cable being rubbed over time.


Recall the lack of inherent models of MacBook Pro 2016, we first wrote at the beginning of this year. The essence of the problem, to which the name Flexgate almost immediately clung, is that over time, the cable from the motherboard to the display is frayed and damaged. The situation is exacerbated by several factors. First, Apple made this cable worth $ 6 fixed from the screen (presumably, they took this step in pursuit of reducing the size). And secondly, the specificity of the problem is such that it manifests itself not immediately, but after the end of the warranty period. As in many similar cases, Apple does not consider this a serious disadvantage and offers users to pay for repairs from their pockets. But due to the fact that the cable is soldered to the display, it cannot be replaced separately and you have to change the entire display, laying out $ 600 for repair in the official service center.

At the moment there is a petition to Apple with a request to recognize this problem and make the corresponding repair free of charge under the appropriate service program. At the time of this writing, the petition has already gained almost 14,000 signatures, and their number is growing before our eyes.

In this case, problems with the MacBook Pro keyboards are involuntarily recalled, which Apple has long and stubbornly denied, but in the end, after several group claims, they still recognized the problems by agreeing to repair the sticky MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard for free. It remains to be hoped that in the case of Flexgate, events will follow the same scenario and ultimately users will be able to get compensation from Apple.

Source: iFixit

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