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Fabulously good. iPhone 11 – the best low-cost iPhone in recent years

14.11.2019 0 Comments

Fabulously good. iPhone 11 - the best low-cost iPhone in recent years


And that's why.

High performance, a capacious battery, excellent cameras that equally cope with both photos and video, a wonderful night mode – the iPhone 11 is a great smartphone for relatively little money.

The figure of the day: how much the iPhone 11 sank in price


It is significantly cheaper than the iPhone 11 Pro, but almost as good. Yes, the iPhone 11 does not have a triple camera (only a dual camera), there is no OLED display and you will not find an adapter for fast charging as standard. But without all this, it is quite possible to survive.

Given the cost of less than 60 thousand rubles and the whole variety of advantages, the iPhone 11 can be safely called the best basic iPhone in recent years (and possibly in the entire history of Apple). Why? We answer.

With iPhone 11, you don’t need a separate camera

Travelers note. This smartphone is really capable of replacing a large and heavy camera. This is the first iPhone in history, which perfectly shoots not only during the day, but also at night. Thanks to the Night Mode function and the advanced Deep Fusion system, it copes with complex scenes in any light.

Tip: For those who often shoot a lot (especially video), we recommend that you pay attention to the version with a 128 GB drive or even 256 GB.

iPhone 11 is highlighted bright and stylish

The first bright and colorful iPhone in history was 5C. Years later, XR diluted the boring palette of top iPhones. New – even more fun. Coral and blue were replaced with more flashy green and purple. Such iPhones look amazing.

Photo of the day: how cool night mode works on the less expensive iPhone 11

Good autonomy

iPhone 11 will last as much as last year’s model. With an average load, it will last a day and remain in the morning. The crazy autonomy of the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max is out of the question. One way or another, this is a tenacious smartphone that does not suddenly turn off in the middle of a working day.

The figure of the day: how much the iPhone 11 sank in price

The only drawback is the lack of an 18-watt power supply for fast charging as standard.

A13 – Apple's fastest mobile chip

Inside the iPhone 11 is the mighty A13 chipset, the leader of most modern tests. Multitasking is his hobby. And he copes with complex graphics and heavy games. The safety margin of such an iron “heart” is about 5 years, no less.

Owners of iPhone 11 called the main plus of the smartphone

Another advantage is the U1 chip, thanks to which the accuracy of the location increases many times.

iPhone 11 is very durable

Apple claims that the iPhone 11 is able to stay underwater at a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes. Indeed, it can. Moreover, tests prove that the smartphone is able to dive deeper and longer. You most likely will not be able to drown the device. And this is good.

"Vils" appreciated the strength of the iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is stronger than iPhone 11 Pro. It withstands falls from a sufficiently high height. For example, CNET experts dropped it from a height of 2.4 meters onto a concrete floor – the gadget was not injured. However, one should know the critical threshold of 3 meters.

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