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Far from all materials of paid editions will get to Apple News +

14.07.2019 0 Comments


Subscribers to Apple News +, which provides access to more than 300 newspapers and magazines at a fixed price of $ 10 per month, will face at least one restriction. Despite Apple’s announcement of the possibility of unlimited reading of all materials from partner publications protected by paywall, some of them will remain inaccessible. About it on the page on Twitter the head of marketing department of The Wall Street Journal Amol Sharma wrote, explaining how Apple News + will work.

Far from all materials of paid editions will get to Apple News +


According to Sharma, Apple News + will open access to its subscribers only to that part of the content that is of interest to the general public. The rest of the materials, which are likely to include narrowly focused articles on specific aspects of the business and other areas, will still be hidden by the paywall. To get the opportunity to read their users have to subscribe directly to the publication itself, which will cost 19.5 dollars.

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Obviously, a similar distribution model of materials included in the package Apple News +, will apply to other publications. In any case, this would be quite logical, considering that subscribers of the new Apple service pay only $ 120 a year against more than $ 8,000, which they would have to spend for full access to all 300 editions available on the site.

To ensure that the absence of some materials does not catch the eye of users, Apple has developed a competent filling strategy for Apple News +. Due to the fact that all materials that fall on the platform will be manually selected by the editors, and then sent to users depending on their interests, the subscribers will not have a chance to stumble upon the material hidden by the paywall.

But Apple’s definitely not to blame. In the end, Apple News + is an entertainment and information service, within which it became possible to access paid content at a fixed price. In Cupertino, they did not set themselves the goal of turning the platform into a tool for professional brokers and financiers like the Bloomberg Terminal, where analysts' forecasts for securities are published daily. Apple News + is about entertainment, not about work.

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